Send a hug in a box with our Surprise gift box.  Whether your loved one is far away or right beside you, this is the perfect gift to remind them of how you feel.  Immersed in a sea of blue this gift box is sure to warm hearts.  S

urprise someone today!

Price includes GST + P/H


The Surprise gift box contains:

1 x stress ball

1 x novelty slinky

1 x 375ml can Kirks Lemonade

1 x 45g Cadbury Oreo chocolate bar

2 x Chupa Chup lollipops

1 x 50g bag Thins Original chips

1 x Peppermint Wrigleys Extra chewing gum

1 x 100g microwave popcorn

1 x 38g bag Crispy M&M’s

1 x 85g Berry Blue Aeroplane Jelly

1 x 90g bag Cheezels

1 x 37g mint Mentos roll

2 x 16g Smarties

1 x shower puff 


** Where a product in the gift box is unavailable, a product of the same style and value will be substituted. 

The Surprise Box