Showing someone how special they are to you just got easier with our Lucky gift box.  With an eye popping green, the recipient will know just how lucky you feel to have them in your life.  Perfect as a gift for a friend, partner or family member.

Price includes GST + P/H


The Lucky gift box contains:

1 x stress ball

1 x novelty slinky

1 x 375ml can Coke Life soft drink

1 x 40g Aero chocolate bar

2 x Chupa Chup lollipops

1 x spearmint Wrigleys Extra chewing gum

1 x 45g bag Thins Chicken chips

1 x 35g Peppermint Crisp bar

1 x 15g - 10 pack Twinings Green Tea bags

1 x 70g bag Eucalyptus lollies

1 x 85g Lime Aeroplane Jelly

1 x 70g bag BBQ Shapes

1 x shower puff


** Where a product in the gift box is unavailable, a product of the same style and value will be substituted. 

The Lucky Box