Light up someone's world with the explosion of red in our Fire gift box.  Perfect as an anniversary gift, valentine’s day gift or a 'just because' gift.  It's ideal to send to that someone special and lets you say 'I love you' in a whole new way!

Price includes GST + P/H


The Fire gift box contains:

1 x stress ball

1 x novelty slinky

1 x 375ml can Coke soft drink

1 x  45g Kit Kat bar

2 x Chupa Chup lollipops

1 x 45g bag CC’s

1 x Strawberry Wrigley’s Extra chewing gum

1 x 52g Cherry Ripe bar

1 x 190g bag Allens Red Frog lollies

1 x 85g Raspberry Aeroplane Jelly

1 x 60g Maltesers box

1 x 45g Skittles box

1 x box Redhead matches

1 x shower puff


** Where a product in the gift box is unavailable, a product of the same style and value will be substituted. 

The Fire Box